Long Distance Removals: A Question Of Organization!

As a general rule, a long-distance move is particularly stressful, as transport costs are very expensive and travel formalities very complicated. We tell you everything!

Long Distance Removals: The Cases

If you move from one French region to another, you have the choice between a self-move and a move by the professionals. Know that the first solution allows you to save on the cost of transportation. In practice, you only need a few friends and cartons picked up at the local shops and some preparations to make your move. Regarding the rental of the truck, you must pay attention to the prices and formulas offered by the agencies. Also, you must also define your needs: type of rental (single or double), the quantity of furniture and boxes to be moved, date of removal, etc.

However, if you want to go through a professional for moving such as this one, check the rates to adapt to your needs. Whatever the formula is chosen, be sure to check all stages of the movement, from packaging to furniture installation. Similarly, well before the signing of the contract, play the competition to avoid any unpleasant surprise on the budget.

For a move abroad, think of a careful sorting of all your business to take only those that you will need. Feel free to offload what you can buy once arrived at your destination.

Long Distance Removals: Groupage

You will understand, for a move abroad, it is better to go through professional movers who can offer grouping packages tailored to your needs. This solution allows you to save on your budget since the transport costs will be separated between the different clients of the moving agency.…