The Moving Kit: Save Time Without Breaking The Bank

This may be your obsession when you prepare for a move: how to get enough boxes, which is the right size? Will I have time to go to the DIY store, to buy rolls of adhesives, markers and another bubble wrap? One solution can save you time: the relocation kits are ready!

Storage, Cartons, Transport: The Move Is Preparing Upstream!

Whether it transports (renting a moving van, personal car, loan from a friend …), storage (renting a box, arranging your parts) or your tables, your move is to prepare! Anticipating your needs, you will avoid unpleasant surprises on the day. This is particularly the case for your moving equipment: by providing enough boxes, and packing your business in advance, you will be ready for a clear day.

Moving Kits: Speed And Ease

Available in different formats, depending on the size of your apartment or house, the moving packages include the necessary materials for packaging, labeling, and unpacking. The cartons provided are new, large enough, and numerous so that you do not miss, resistant, and practical. They will be delivered to you with adhesive and bubble wrap, for the optimal protection of your businesses. A cutter and a marker will complete your kits, to open and annotate your cartons easily. And make sure you have enough boxes for your move. As the worst thing to happen is to run our of moving boxes half way through packing.

If you have to carry sensitive objects (wine glasses, fragile plates, computer equipment, costumes or dresses), you will find in your shop moving specific cartons (cardboard plates, bottles, glasses, wardrobe) to protect your business ideally.…